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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Night Elf 6: A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow

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This is a base building mission but can be quite hard. Almost the same strategy as last mission, only 2 differences are that you don't want to build dryads but druids of the claw instead and you don't need ballistas.

Illidan is one of the most powerful heroes in warcraft, so you can go with him alone and kill a bunch of neutral enemies.

Also, it's a good idea to expand as early as possible at this location.

It is a good idea taking out this base at ~70 supply, because 2 bases sending out units at you can be unpleasant. Killing off the second base to the west is not needed.

After dealing with that base, you can go and deal with the skull of gul'dan.

Careful though, because for some reason a bunch of satyrs attacked my army from behind and it gold destroyed, and this is actually the first time i manage to lose a hero in the campaign.

After you've destroyed the demon gate next to the skull of gul'dan...

...your hero will turn into a powerful demon with a chaos damage type. Now the goal of the mission is to kill Tychondrius who resides on the northeast corner of the map.

Don't do the mistake i did and try to destroy the gates though, because that angered tychondrius and made him attack me while i was already fighting with some infernals. It's best to attack him alone with his doomguards.

I managed to lose my army because of that. For a second army though, i created a bunch of dryads and archers, which was a better counter to the infernals and doom guards. After you kill tychondrius, you will complete the mission.