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Year Walk Walkthrough Second Chance

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Technically you can stop at the previous chapter, but if you want more then continue playing. The credits will be interupted and you'll be given a clue: South of the Brooks and North of the Mill. You'll be given another chance to do a Year Walk afterwards.

Okay, so now that you're back in the game. Go forward and leave your cottage, then to the left until you see this little brown box sitting in the middle of the snow.

Approach the box, then open your map. Now the clue is south of the brook and north of the mill. You don't need to go there, just run your mouse across the top of the map where the mill is and some letters will be revealed. Do the same for the brooks.

Now close the map and open the journal, it's on the top right corner along with all the other button. Enter the username and password on the screen that will pop-up. Username: theoalm68, Password: 1894.

There are a lot of journal entries here. Take your time and read through them to find the clues of how to open the small box in front of you.

Now interact with the box, you'll find that the middle part spins like a lock on a safety deposit box. The shapes are: 1. An upside down triangle. 2. The right half of a circle (D) 3. A square 4. An upright triangle and 5. The bottom-half of a circle.

The box will then open, revealing the items inside it and concluding the story to a better end than the first. Now we can all complain about that baby hiding inside the encyclopedia while we watch the rest of the credits.