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Year Walk Walkthrough The Brook Horse

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Now you have no idea what to do or where to go again. So go back down and leave the tree. Head all the way back to the tombstone with 6 dots and climb back down again from the only path that you can take (same as the one where you went down when you were looking for the woman).

However this time you'll be heading to the left side instead of the right side. Keep going to the left and you'll eventually find a log peeking from the bottom. Move down from there.

After moving down, head to the right and you'll find a horse head floating in the river. Point and drag the horse up to interact with him. He'll show you 4 ghostly babies.

Now leave the area and go back up the log that you used to get here. Now head to the left and keep going, you'll see a tombstone with some writing on it. Copy the symbol at the middle then continue to the left.

After moving to the right you'll eventually find a blood trail which leads into a building, enter it.

Inside you'll find a weird, prehistoric looking safe. Press U on your keyboard and drag the metal bars that are passing through the U, then do the same for N.

Now click on the door and fling it open to find your first baby. Click on the baby and this is important, just keep on holding the mouse button. If you left go then the baby will go back to where you found it.

Exit the building and drag the baby all the way back to the Brook Horse which will take it from you.

For the second one you'll need to head back to the windmill where you met up with the girl at the beginning of the story, it's still at the same spot so don't worry. You'll find that the mill has stopped moving and blood is dripping from the top.

Enter the mill and interact with the gears on the left side. Keep spinning it and checking back outside until the baby is low enough for you to see.

Once you see the baby, grab it and keep holding on your mouse as you make your way back to the Brook Horse.

The third one is a little further away. Head back to the shed where the creepy doll was (the one with the own drawings and funky dance moves) and head further right.

Go down on the trail at the right and you'll immediately see some blood drops on the snow towards the left. Follow it.

You'll find a horse wagon at the other end of the blood. Click on the wagon and move it forward, then swiftly move it back so that it hits the rock.

Now move the cart forward again and the baby will appear behind it. Grab the baby and take it back to the Brook Horse. I would also like to note that you will be passing through a lot of symbols going back and forth, I would also like to say that you must, must, must, MUST! be writing these things down.

Now that you have 3 babies here, it's time for the hardest and most trickiest of the little critters. It took me so long to find this one because of the sheer difficulty of locating it.

First of all, point to the top and look for the encyclopedia icon. Once it opens click on the blood stained entry called "Mylingen."

Now read the text and scroll all the way down to the bottom.

And you'll find the sneaky little bastard hanging around on the page like he owns it. Click on the baby and the encyclopedia will close on its own. Then you'll have all 4 babies.

The horse will give you the key, click on it and a crow will steal the key right from under your nose. Seems like we'll never get that key.