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Year Walk Walkthrough The Church Grim

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We're almost done here. Take the key and head aaaaaaall the way back to the gate where you first got the vision of the woman holding the key and this time it will open.

Inside you'll find a large stone with 4 more stones around it, each with its own engraving. But! We will leave these alone for now.

Instead we are going to go to the tombstone with red dots on it. Remember all the other stones with patterns on them? this is where you put those.

To those who did not write it down, nor do not want to walk around the area again trying to find each stone, I've made a pattern on the stone which you can copy. You can start at any point as long as you create these patterns.

Once you've entered all 3 symbols you'll get another vision with arrows. Write them down, you'll be needing them soon.

Now head back to the stones beyond the gate you just opened and the key to solving them are the symbols etched on the black trees around the area. The dots correspond to the number of dots on each symbol at the dark bunker.

To those who are just want the answer it's: 4 dots for the woman carving. 2 each for the horse and fetus. 3 for the bird. The door will open after entering those.

Go throught the gates and you'll find the church. there's an arrow on top of the door along with the goat head. The arrow sequence that you saw in your vision (from the tombstone) goes in here.

To solve this puzzle you'll need to do a full rotation towards the side that you need to go. For example you're going to the left, then you need to go to the left and all the way around the back and stop in front. The goat head will create an after image when you do.

The solution to the puzzle is: Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right. The door will open once you've rotated around the church in that sequence.

This guy will show up in front of you. Click on his cloak and move them to either sides to reveal his heart. Then keep on clicking at the heart until it breaks.

When it does, start clicking around the shattered glass in order to reveal what's behind the image before you.