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Year Walk Walkthrough The End

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A weird crystal will be waiting for you behind the screen. start clicking around it where the lighter colored crystals are sticking out and they will break.

The second crystal you'll need to spin around, keep going until it breaks.

The third crystal you will see dots connected by lines floating around it. This one is easy, you just need to click on the correct order of dots to do this. The order is from 1-6, meaning 1 dot to 6 dots.

The fourth is the trickiest to solve. Basically you can spin it around like a dial, however, you need to spin it to the right first, then when a crystal locks in spin to the left and so on. Sort of like using a safe with the circular lock on it.

The last one is the goat head, just keep spinning it to the right until it loses its shape and breaks.

Now you'll find yourself back in the woods. But these woods are alive and green, a sharp contrast to the icy one you've gotten used to by now. Just keep going to the right to find what you're looking for. I won't spoil it.