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Year Walk Walkthrough Prologue

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Prologue starts with giving you the basic instructions for how to play this game. Now Year Walk was originally a game for the iOS, hence it is supposed to be played with a touch panel. This guide is for the Steam version of the game so the lack of the touch panel meant that a couple of this have been changed with this version.

When you get a hang for the controls head towards the left side of your house. The game will automatically limit you at the left side at which point go forward by pressing W.

From there, keep going left until you find a stack of chopped wood and head forward towards it.

Still keep going towards the left and go down once you see a part of a wooden wheel near the bottom of the screen.

After going down keep heading left and you'll find a small campsite where there's a pot hanging from branches, go forward twice here and you'll see a small hill with a wooden sign beside it.

Now head a little bit more to the left to find some broken pieces of what seems to have been a fence and go forward past it.

Once again keep heading left and you'll find that you're no longer able to head in that direction, look at the background and you'll find a windmill in the distance, continue by going forward.

Then go left one more time and press forward to enter the windmill.

Inside you'll find a young girl with red hair. Click on her with your mouse to start a conversation. After speaking to her, exit the windmill and head back to your cottage the same way you came. You can always consult the map if you get lost.

Once you're back in your cottage a omnious black screen will keep you stuck there. Sway your mouse across the screen and you'll find that some parts glow white.

Click on every part of the stick in order to reveal the title of the game. Only then will you be allowed to proceed to the next part.