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Alan Wakes American Nightmare Walkthrough Act III: Resolved

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Alan will wake up in the canyon once again, for the third time.

On your way out of the canyon you will encounter a very big Taken, carrying a saw. After dealing with him, head to the oil tower.

Alan will notice that Emma has already set up the items needed.

All you have to do is activate them.

The satellite will fall out of the sky and destroy the oil tower for the third time.

On your way to Emma's garage, you will get attacked by some Taken.

After dealing with all the enemies, Emma will ask you to do something about the power that keeps turning off inside her garage, making her defenseless in front of the Taken.

You will have to secure the fuse box behind Emma's garage and return back to her.

Emma will give you the key to the motel room after returning and making sure the Taken cannot switch the power off.

Head back to the motel room with the body of Michael Farabee inside and grab the observatory keys.