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Alan Wakes American Nightmare Walkthrough Act II: Relapse

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Head to the guard building and take the generator building keys.

After picking up the keys, head to the generator building and restore the power.

Turn the power back on.

You will get attacked by spiders after turning the power on.

Once you've dealt with the spiders, go inside the projector building.

The projector building will be protected by darkness once again, destroy the dark fountains using your flashlight's beam.

Enter the access code and head inside the projector building.

Read the manuscript and match the scene. First, you will have to change the calendar date to the end of the summer, turn the clock to midnight, point the lamp at the fire extinguisher and flip the posters to have the film-noir Alex Casey poster visible.

Unfortunately it wasn't enough to stop the darkness. And Alan, is yet again trapped in a dark environment.