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Alan Wakes American Nightmare Walkthrough Act I: The Scientist

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After getting the observatory keys from the motel room, Alan will make his way to the obervatory.

You will have to make your way up to the observatory.

After making your way up to the main obsersavtory's door, you will be told to go away by a woman due to the trouble you've caused. After convincing her that you're not the man who caused all the trouble, she is going to let you in.

Head inside the observatory and talk to Dr. Meadows.

Dr. Meadows will tell you that there's a strange astronomical event going on, which is transmitting a weird signal, Alan will tell her that the signal is the reason why he is there. However, she will let Alan know that Mr. Scratch was there as well and he sabotaged the imaging array.

In order to receive the signal once again, you will have to go to Dr. Meadows' car and get the backup imaging array for the telescope.

Once you've reached her car, you will have to pick up the imaging array inside the car's trunk.

On your way back to the main observatory you will get attacked by Taken spiders. In order to take them out, you will have to point the flashlight's beam at them.

After making your way back to the observatory, you will have to install the backup imaging array.

Unfortunately, the observatory is not going to work due to the pressure.

To deal with the pressure, you will have to release three coolant valves marked on the map.

Once you've released all the valves, return to Dr. Meadows.

After returning back to Dr. Meadows, you will have to defend the area from Taken coming from underneath the platform.

Go back to Dr. Meadows once you've dealt with the Taken.

She's going to tell you that the signal is rather interesting, like it was intended for them.

After talking to Dr. Meadows, go and pick up the signal printout.

Unfortunately, Alan will only receive a part of the signal from the printout machine. The signal wil show a new reality and a location on the map that he has to follow.