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Alan Wakes American Nightmare Walkthrough Act II: Setback

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Alan will realize that he got into a "time loop", and he's back at the canyon. Head back to the motel and check on Emma.

Emma will let Alan know that she went out and found all the items needed, but a Taken ran off into an old mine with the battery.

You will have to enter the old mine marked on the map and retrieve the battery.

After obtaining the battery, you will get attacked by Taken spiders on your way out of the old mine.

Once you've dealt with the spiders, head back to Emma's garage and ask her to recharge your battery.

Head back to the oil field and put everything in place.

The satellite will destroy the oil tower for the second time.

Escape the destruction of the oil tower and head back to Emma.

Deal with the Taken that are trying to kill Emma.

Emma will tell Alan that she has already got the key to the motel rooms and gives it to him.

By the time you will exit Emma's garage, the doors will close shut and she'll get attacked once again. Alan will be helpless to save her.

Head inside the room with Michael Farabee in it and get the observatory keys.