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Alan Wakes American Nightmare Walkthrough Act I: The Mechanic

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The first act will start off with a cutscene of Barry Wheeler sleeping in a motel room.

After the cutscene ends, you can see Alan standing in a place surrounded by dark.

Grab the flashlight found on the ground.

Random objects possessed by the dark presence will start floating, blocking your way.

Point your flashlight at them by pressing right mouse button. Boosting your flash light beam will destroy them.

After dealing with the possessed objects, pick up the 9mm pistol on the ground.

You will encounter a Taken on your way out of the canyon.

Use your flashlight bean to burn the darkness that protects the Taken from taking damage. After getting rid of the darkness, start shooting him with the 9mm pistol you've just picked up.

Leave the canyon.

After leaving the canyon, you will encounter a couple of Taken near an oil derrick.

After dealing with them, make your way to the motel.

Enter the garage located inside the motel's yard and talk to Emma Sloan, who's a mechanic.

Alan will ask Emma for the type-written page that she had found. She will tell Alan about the "creepy guys" she keeps seeing near the motel, Alan tells her that he'll deal with them.

Afterwards, she is going to hand the page to Alan. You will have to find three items needed to rewrite reality.

The first item is a battery, found on a truck near the gas station.

The second item is a valve, found on the fields near the gas station and motel.

The third; and the last item is a CD found inside a house with a carbine rifle sitting next to the table.

After finding all the three items, head back to the garage and ask Emma to recharge the battery.

Head to the oil derrick after getting your battery recharged.

You will encounter a few enemies near the oil derrick, take them out.

After dealing with the enemies at the oil derrick, you will have to do exactly what is on the manuscript for rewriting reality in order to stop darkness from pouring out of the derrick, which is to have the CD playing, turn the valve and turn the blinker lights on.

After doing what the manuscript said, a rock will smash into a satellite causing it to land on the tower and destroying it.

Escape the destruction area that went up in flames.

Return back to Emma.

Once you've returned to Emma, the garage will be attacked by Taken. You will have to deal with them once again.

After dealing with Taken, Alan will ask Emma about the man who looks like him (Mr. Scratch). She will tell you about the party he had in one of the motel's rooms and will give you the keys to the diner.

Head to the diner and explore it.

Pick up the set of keys found inside and head back to the motel.

You will have to find the motel room that unlocks with the key found inside the diner, which is the one in front of Emma's garage.

You are going to find Michael Farabee lying on the ground; dead.

Pick up the observatory keys from the ground.