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Alan Wakes American Nightmare Walkthrough Act II: Progress

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Alan will drive up to the observatory once again.

This time, you will have to go directly to Dr. Meadows' car and retrieve the imaging array found inside the car's truck.

After retrieving the imaging array, head back to the main observatory to install it. Dr. Rachel will remember you from the previous encounter and unlock the door for you.

Install the imaging array.

Alan will tell Dr. Rachel to not start the it up, since there's a problem with the coolant system.

This time, you will have to make your way to the primary pipes and secure them.

You will encounter a few enemies on your way to the primary pipes.

After dealing with the monsters, turn on the lights to secure the primary pipes from any monsters.

Return back to the observatory.

Dr. Rachel is assuming that everything may just be a delusion. She also lets Alan know that the signal has more information that it previously did but it's still incomplete.

Alan will pick up the print and head back to the Drive-In Theater.