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Alan Wakes American Nightmare Walkthrough Act I: The Curator

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The location marked on the map will take Alan to a drive-in theater. Start investigating it.

Alan will meet a woman in a room next to the entrance. She is being possessed by darkness.

Pick up the generator building key found in the next room.

In order to turn the power on, you will have to go to the transformer yard after picking up the key.

You will encounter a few enemies on your way to the transformer yard.

Once you've reached the transformer yard, unlock the gate and enter inside the building where the generator's located.

After entering the building, you will notice an electricity panel at the end of the room with some flashing, green lights. In order to turn the power back on, you will have to activate the switch maching to the green light's position.

Make way your back to the guard building.

Turn on the lights inside the guard building.

After turning the lights on, the darkness will disappear and the woman will introduce herself as Serena. She's going to tell Alan that Mr. Scratch was trying to get inside the projector room and making the sun never come back up again. She is also going to give Alan the access code for the projector room.

Head to the projector building and enter inside it.

Unfortunately, the projector room is protected by darkness.

You will have to destroy all the three dark fountains using your flashlight's beam.

After entering inside the projector room, you will have to match the scene with the one on the manuscript.

Firstly, you will have to set the calendar's month to August.

And secondly, you will have to set the time to midnight.

Unfortunately, this will not fix things out. Things will only get worse and Alan will get engulfed by darkness.