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Alan Wakes American Nightmare Walkthrough Act III: United

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You will start off at the back of the transformer yard. You have to turn the power back on.

After restoring the power, you will get ambushed by many Taken.

Once you've dealt with the Taken, make your way to the projector building.

On your way to the projector building, you will have to deal with Mr. Scratch's security which is a lot more stronger than the normal Taken you've been dealing with.

After taking care of Mr. Scratch's security, keep heading to the projector building which is going to be defended by darkness. To get rid of the darkness, you will have to destroy four dark fountains this time.

Enter inside the projector building.

Check the manuscript by pressing 'F'. You will have to set the clock to midnight, the calendar to the end of the summer, the lamp must be pointing at the fire extinguisher, the film-noir Alex Casey poster must be visible and his wife's (Alice) movie must be in the projector; playing.

After doing everything that is written on the manuscript, Mr. Scratch will appear on top of a car, in front of the movie projection.

He will slowly start burning at the projector light of Alice's film.

The game will switch to the final scene showing Alice and Alan holding each other. This will be the ending of the game.

This was my Alan Wake's: American Nightmare guide, I hope you found it helpful.