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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Meeting Adjourned

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At the waypoint on your map you will find your target. Use your eagle eye to identify him. He's the gold person.

Tail your target to the meeting point.

Your target enters an area wth two guards guarding the entrance. There are tons of guards here, and you have to kill them all.

Send your girls in to distract them for a moment. Oh yeah, I almost forgot close to the entrance is a group of Courtesans.

Climb the wall. You have to kill all the people attending this meeting. There are five targets.

You can see them clearly with the eagle eye turned on.

Jump over and assassinate two people.

Climb back on top of the wall and kill two more. These guards are killing my girls. Nothing pisses me off like that.

Fortunately the members of the meeting do not flee. Which makes sense, because there are so many guards here. They probably feel safe.

The easiest way to get rid of a brute is to disarm him. Do drop your weapons, and counter. Then you will take his weapon, and he will be defenseless.

The strategy here is simple. Kill everything.

When all of your targets are dead Meeting Adjourned will be synched.