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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Leader of the Pack

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You will have another green circle on your map. Walk through that green circle occasinally hitting your eagle eye.

Eventually you will find a guard who glows Golden.

Tail that guard. He will walk a long ways, picking up other guards as he goes.

It's not very hard to tail him, just time consuming, because they walk a long way.

Occasionally you will encounter some musicians. When you do throw some gold their way.

Eventually the guy you are tailing will enter an area guarded by four guards. Fortunately there is a group of Courtesans nearby. Hire the girls, and send them to distract the guards guarding the door.

Don't forget about your time limit. You have to get the guy you are following back in your sight, within 25 seconds. So move quick.

You will enter a room full of guards. There are just tons of them in here. Start killing them.

As you assassinate a bunch of them. Some of them will lose heart, and run off.

The ones that remain are the ones you really need to kill.

When the guards are all dead, Leader of the Pack will be synched.