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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Caveat Emptor

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Another green circle will appear on your map. Make your way there.

Occasionally turn your eagle eye on while you wander around the area with the green circle. Your target will appear as a gold person.

There are lots of touchy guards in this area. Be careful and always keep an eye on your outs. If a guard gets too interested, then simply vanish in to a group of people.

There are also musicans will get in your way. Throw some coins to get them out of there.

Throwing coins will make the seaker guards start looking at you.

So hide in a group of civilians.

Select your poison blade.

Walk up behind your target and poison him.

Hide until he dies. The civilians will go surround him, so I'm not in a good hiding place at the moment.

When he dies Caveat Emptor will be synched.