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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Peacekeeper

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There's a group of ten brutes at the target marker on your map. You have to kill all 10 of them in a minute. It is difficult to say the least.

Method 1. Make your way to that marker. On your way you will find a group of mercenaries. Hire them, you will deffinitely need them.

Climb up this building.

Get on the corner of the roof. You can take out two brutes with your opening assassination. That will make the numbers a little bit more manageable.

Okay you've got two down. Now your mercanries will join the fight.

You do not want to fight any of these brutes. You just want to assassinate them while they fight your mercenaries.

Even then it will be tough to kill the remaining 8 brutes in a minute. Your mercenaries tend to spread them out, and this is to your disadvantage. When they are spread out you have to move further to get to each one.

Method 2. There is another way to do this mission. It actually works slightly better. Instead of grabing the mercenaries. Grab the Courtesans at the map location where Ezio is in the screenshot.

Walk the girls to the bridge.

Send the girls in to distract the guards.

Get behind the huge group of guards and start assassinating them.

You will be able to take out a huge number of guards before they realize what's going on.

I had three left by the time they realized what was happening. Unfortunately they killed my girls.

Drop your weapon and start countering these guys. You'll steal their weapons and then take them out.

Peacekeeper should now be synched.