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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Romagna Hustle

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This race is just about the easist race I've done.

Run to the South collecting waypoints as you go. These waypoints will lead you to the inside of the city.

Here's the next waypoint. It's just a flat out sprint at the moment.

The next waypoint is inside the city gates.

I guess it's actually on the bridge that leads to in to the city.

Climb up these boxes and collect the next waypoint.

Continue across the beams, and to the pole in the wall.

You'll land on this platform.

The next waypoint is on top of the wall here.

Run across the rooftops to the next waypoint.

Slow down and stop free running to make the rope bridge.

Turn to your right, and jump to the next roof.

Climb the chimney to collect the next waypoint.

Jump straight across to the church roof.

Climb up to the second level of the roof to grab the next waypoint.

Run to the end of the roof for the next one.

I bet they are expecting you to jump in to the water there. Swimming takes too long. Instead jump straight to the ground. It's going to hurt, but it shouldn't kill you. It will really save you a lot of time.

I spent a health potion to heal here.

Climb up these group of boxes to the next waypoint.

Jump across the beams to collect the next one.

Turn to your right, and you'll see another waypoint on the roof.

Walk across the rope bridge for the next waypoint.

There's another one on the roof of the next building.

Jump across to the wooden platform grabbing the next waypoint.

Run across the rooftop to the next waypoint.

There's another waypoint on top of a chimney. Just run by it. Don't worry about climbing up the chimney.

Dive off of the roof here in to the stack of Hay.

Run across the bridge picking up the next waypoint.

There's another waypoint on top of the buliding here.

Climb up the wall to the roof.

Climb on top of the city wall.

Take your time. I fell here and wasted quite a bit of time. I still had way more time than it took to finish the mission.

Climb up to the top of the tower, and collect the next waypoint.

Dive off of the roof into the cart full of hay.

Get on the horse. The horse will save you tons of time.

Sprint down the road to the next waypoint.

Go to the right here to collect the next waypoint.

The next waypoint is to your right. So after you collect the last one, make a hard right.

Keep following the chain of waypoints. We are almost done with this mission.

Here's another waypoint. You have to jump a couple fences to get here.

Cross the bridge. There's always people on this bridge, but you can just push them out of the way with a horse.

Collect the next waypoint here.

Jump the fence and you'll have the last waypoint.

Romagna Hustle should now be synched. I think the horse is cheating. It gets the job done, so who am I to complain?