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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Thin the Ranks

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Let's take out the North most guard first.

Get on the roof behind the guards. There are three guards here, but you only need to kill one.

I assassinated two of them by jumping off of the roof.

A third guard attacked me. I'm not sure if these guy was one I had to kill. Well I guess two out of three is not bad.

Go to this map location. We are going to take out the two guards who are on the wall to the West of us.

Travel this rope bridge.

There's another rope bridge here that takes you to the top of the wall.

Use it.

You can see two guards walking around on the wall to the South of you. These are the guys you have to kill.

You can walk right up behind one of them and kill him.

Walk up and kill the other guard.

The last two guards are roaming around on the street between buildings.

Climb on the rooftop above those guards, and wait for them to get underneith you.

When the time is right assassinate them.

You might only get one of them. Which means you will have to kill the other one outright.

All in all, this is pretty easy to do.

Thin the Ranks will now be Synced.