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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Beginnings of a Conspiracy

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Here's the map location of the first target we are going to eleminate.

Your target is walking around a court yard with three guards. I'm viewing them here from atop the church.

There are some courtesans down the street here. Go down there and hire them.

Bring them back through the center of the churches columned area. That will keep the girls away from other guards.

Send the girls to distract the guards.

Switch to your poision.

Then poison your target.

Walk off and watch the mayhem.

Your posioned guard will start beating on his buddies, and they will not even notice. I guess girls can take their brains right out of their heads.

Here's the map location of the next target we are going to take out.

You will see this guard strolling around the road by the water.

Walk up behind him and give him a dose of poison. Then walk off.

The next target will walk very close to a cart full of hay.

Jump in the hay and wait for him to come around again.

When he does assassinate him.

You will have to deal with his body guard after the fact. Beginnings of a Conspiracy will now be Synched.