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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Wet Work

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The ship is out in the bay. There's a bug here or something. If you get on the ship, kill the guy, and then get spotted your ps3 will lock up. Anyways. Make your way out to the ship.

Start by assassinating the guards that are on the two boats surrounding the boat with the captain on it.

There are a ton of guards on the main boat. So taking these guys out ahead of time really helps.

These guards might see you before you take them out, but that doesn't matter too much.

Swim over to the main boat, and then climb up the side.

Wait for a guard to come close to the side, then assassinate him.

We are going to work our way around the boat taking guards out as we go.

Work your way to the other side, and take out a couple more guards.

The brute might notice you when you assassinate another guard. Well see if he likes to swim.

That armor will make him float right to the bottom.

There's nothing very tricky about this mission. Just be patient, and take out all the guards you can.

When you've killed enough of the guardsmen, climb aboard. Kill the captain to end the mission.

Wet work should now be synched.