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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Horseplay

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Don't stand around. Your timer starts right away. Run over to the horse and jump on.

You are trying to beat the other guy's time. For some reason I thought that you were going to be racing someone, but I guess not.

You will see waypoints appear in front of you. This race is pretty easy, just hit all the waypoints. I'm going to show you a photo of each waypoint.

Here's the third waypoint.

The forth waypoint. If people get in your way, just run them over. They don't seem to mind being trampled by a horse.

You are going to have to jump over stuff on this race, so just get used to it.

Here's the next waypoint. You've got some time to spare it's pretty easy to beat this guy's time.

Here's the next way point.

And the next one.

The next one is on the bridge to your left. You might want to stop here. It sucks to overshoot this waypoint.

There's another waypoint in the road pretty far off.

Time to make some guards mad.

There's your next waypoint.

The next waypoint is on the bridge.

Keep following the road I guess.

The song remains the same. Keep collecting waypoints on the road.

Take a slight left here to get to the next waypoint.

This waypoint is pretty far off. So just follow the road.

Here's a shot of the next waypoint.

And the next one is by the city wall.

Keep following the road.

Still on the road.

Grab the next one on the bridge to your left.

We are close to finishing.

There's the next waypoint, out in the swamp.

There's the next waypoint.

This is close to the last one.

And here's the last waypoint.

This mynx takes you for a roll in the hay.

Horseplay is now synched.