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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Arch Enemies

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The goal of this mission is to kill 10 archers in 10 minutes. It's actually fairly easy to do.

Climb up to the roof top that the archers are on. They are kind of spread out, but they are still on series of continuious roof tops. That makes them much easier to kill.

Start taking out archers.

They will block your assassination attempts sometimes, but they can be killed with counter attacks.

Occasoinally an archer will fall off the roof, and not die.

Don't bother going down to finish them. Instead, take them out with your throwing knives.

Your knives will make short work of these archers.

Continue on down the rooftop.

Assassination works on most of these guys. They will occasoinally block like I already said, but it's rare.

Here's one I took down with a counter kill.

Another assassination from up high.

I took out the last two with counter kills. I had quite a bit of time left on the clock, so this mission was pretty easy.

Arch Enemies will now be synched.