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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence12 - Chasing Lee

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To begin the final mission, head to the inn at Boston and interrogate the man inside. He will tell you that Charles Lee can be found in the docks.

Use Eagle Vision in the marked area of the shore and find Lee. As you approach him, he will sprint off and the chase will begin.

Start off by quickly jumping to the barrels to avoid the first group of guards.

The second and third group can be avoided by also jumping along nearby barrels.

To avoid the fourth group cut across to the left, but if you take too long Lee will get away and you will be desynchronised like in the picture.

Start off by turning right to the burning shipyard and slip under the wooden blockade.

From there you have to run onto the wall to the right and climb up as high as you can get, then jump to the left.

By the end of the ship there will be a cinematic after which you will have to jump through a hole in the wooden wall and run further to the right.

To catch up with your target, you should run around the construction and slide under the wooden barricades.

After you reach the target, slowly move towards the shore. A man waiting there will take you to where Lee went.

Enter the tavern and watch a long cinematic. Afterwards you will once again take control of Desmond.

Open the big blue gate and afterwards run straight along the path. That way you will finish Assassin’s Creed III. Congratulations!

After the credits roll, you will enter the shoes of Connor once again. Now you can complete all the previously ignored additional missions and find the collectibles. Apart from that you have to epilogue missions, in the form of short cutscenes.