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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 11 - Battle of the Chesapeake

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After taking control of Connor again, head to the docks to begin the next mission.

Once on the ship you will need to destroy about a dozen enemy ships.

Once the smaller ships have been dealt with the Frigates will appear.

Once you've finished the frigates you will need to deal with the Liner. Ram into it to begin with then you can board it.

Once you reach the deck you will need to find and kill the captain.

At one part of the ship you will come across a group of rifle men, you can attempt to use the meat shield technique or hide behind a wall and run out once they've finished shooting and attack them.

Once you kill the captain you will have 10 seconds to leave the ship before the gun powder explodes. Once you're off the ship the mission will end.