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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 11 - Lee''s Last Stand

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To begin the mission head to the underground tunnels and keep heading toward the marked spot.

That way you will reach the exit leading to the fort.

After getting outside kill the closest gaurd and head up the building to the right.

You can continue onward heading toward the green marker using the rooftops, silently killing the gaurds on your way.

Once you reach the last building just before the marker swan dive in the hay bale below and kill the nearby enemy.

You will now have to wait for the guard on the left to turn around once he's done that quickly run to the right wall of the tower. There you will come across another enemy that you will have to kill.

Once he's dead climb up onto the tower and light the signal fire.

After the explosion, head forward a bit and you will have to fight Haytham. To defeat him you will need to perform counterattacks next to pieces of the environment such as barrels. Once the fight is over the mission will end.