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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 12 - Laid to rest.

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To begin the mission head to the cemetary, you will be noticed by the templar gaurds.

Counter the enemy attack and you will need to kill two groups of enemies.

You will need to head to a ship that is marked on your map. Climb up onto it and then head right and continue climbing around it to the right.

From there will you will a nearby window. Evesdrop the conversation.

Once the men have finished talking, slowly move further to the right. Continue climbing right and wait until the gaurd has turned his back and continue on to the designated area.

Hidden behind the boxes, evesdrop the second conversation.

You will now need to leave the ship. You can just simply run and jump off the side of the ship into the water. Once you're clear of the red zone the mission will end.