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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 10 - The Third Power Scource

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Once inside the Abstergo headquarters, move forward until youre attacked by a group of security gaurds. Defeat them quickly and enter the lift.

When the lift stops begin climbing up. The path corrisponds of both sides of the lift shaft.

Upstairs there will be more enemies waiting for you. Kill them, enter the room on the left and keep heading forward and continue killing anybody who attacks you.

Eventually you will reach a corridor with a broken window where you will be attacked by Daniel. After a short cutscene he will sprint off start chasing him.

Once you get inside the big room try to move continuously to avoid being shot by the gaurds.

Your task is to kill Daniel.

Once you've killed him you will need to reach the fifth floor where Vidic is hiding. To find him, turn left and afterwards run straight all the way, killing all enemies along the way.

Once all the enemies in that area are dead, the secretary will open the door to the Vidic's office.

During the conversation with Vidic press the attack button to activate the apple.

In order to leave the building you will need to press the attack button as you walk past enemies in order to kill them all.

Once you get back to the temple, go up the stairs on the right and move forwards, jumping over the holes in the ruins.

After the first animation with Juno you will have to climb up to the upper floor, jumping between orange crystals.

Once upstairs, turn left and jump onto two pipes. Using them you will get you to a wall full of crystals.

Climb higher and follow the path made by the orange crystals on the wall.

You will reach the spot where Desmond will place the power scource.

After a short conversation you will be able to return to the Animus.