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Bastion Walkthrough Pyth Orchard

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Pyth Ochard is divided into two phases, the whole level.

First one has only one enemy, second phase is full of them.

Level doesn't have many secrets.

When you reach this area...

...destroy the fence here...

...and pick up the crafting material Something Coarse.

Moving forward, you will notice your first enemy.

The bull is really annoying because it is constantly charging at you.

After a bit it should deactivate itself though, even if just for a moment.

Really hard to stay away from, i recommend killing it as quickly as you can, even if you have to use black tonics.

After you're done with the bull, you will find the shrine.

The shrine is a difficulty system.

You click on one of the gods, and it will make the enemies stronger, but you will also be awarded with more experience and fragments.

Pyth increases the attack and movement speed of enemies.

All you have to do now is go back to where you started.

You will meet plenty of enemies on the way this time, though.

And again, you will see a bull, but a faster one this time.

After the bull, go a bit to the east.

Destroy the fence and you will find...

...plush pyth. It is a lore item.

After plush pyth, go to where you started the level and you will find the skyway, which will take you to the Bastion.