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Bastion Walkthrough The Hanging Gardens

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This level has little enemies and only a few secrets.

Going forward, you will see statues. There is no point in destroying them, since they do not drop anything.

After a lot of walking, you will notice a gate.

2 turrets will appear, you have to destroy them to open the gate.

This time, you have to kill 7 turrets, it's extremely easy if you have the Breaker Bow, since it can hit 3 targets in line, unupgraded.

After some walking, you will reach this area.

Make sure you go south and pick up the lore item Ura Sigil.

A bit after that, you will notice a bunch of gasfellas and squirts surrounding the core. Take care of them.

Nothing special about them.

You will find the core, surrounded by statues. You have to destroy some of them to take it.

After you get the core, go to the right and talk with the survivor.

After youre back home, you will have another NPC to talk with, giving you lore about the game, and you can put the core.

The core will allow you to build a new building.

The memroial is more challenges, but with fragments as rewards. The Lost-and-Found is a shop. I reccomend building the Memorial.

For every challenge you have to do a different thing. After you're done with it, a red start should appear in front of it. Click it to gain your reward.