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Bastion Walkthrough The Sundown Path

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The sundown path is a rather interesting mission.

Apparently someone took the core first, and the whole place started falling apart.

On your way to escape, turrets will be one of the more annoying things, but they are pretty easy to dispatch if you have the Breaker Bow.

Remember, you do not need to kill the green squirts, they are neutral and would be a waste of time to chase.

Even though it's a timed mission, it is still not a bad idea to try to explore.

After a bit, there is a gate and a fire breathing turret, you have to destroy the turret to open the gate.

It is not a bad idea to try to kill most things though, since it does give you experience.

Quick tip: When you roll you do damage.

This is a skyway that does not return you to the bastion, you will find quite a few of those.

It thursts you into the air. Quick tip: If you press space in the air at the right time, you will roll in the air and land on your feet properly.

There is a little secret over here, try walking on the planks.

You will find the lore item called "Bronze Spyglass"

From here you will start getting shot at with goo. Try to dodge it if you can.

You have almost reached boss of the level.

That's right, a scumbag, a really big one at that. Both Melee and ranged weapons work well against this one, just try to not stay in one possition.

Because otherwise the goo will do damage to you.

After you defeat the scumbag, the gate will open.

You will find the Hand Grenade.

The bricks to the left of the character in this picture have a skyway under them, which will fly you to a crafting material. In this run, i forgot to do this bit.

When thrown, the hand grenade takes about a second to reach the ground...

...but deals a nice ammount of damage.

You would use the hand grenade in a simmilar fashion here...


Here you will find a lot of boxes, if you get close enough to them, gasfellas will emerge from them all.

I suggest you use the hand grenade while they are still in the boxes, but if you're overconfident you can try to take them on.

After that, you will find the skyway that takes you to the Bastion.