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Bastion Walkthrough The Workmen Ward

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The Workmen Ward is split in 4 parts. We will explore them counter clockwise, starting from west.

In here, you will find some squirts, but more importantly, notice the sword on the left.

This is the War Machete. It is an incredibelly fast melee weapon, which you can also throw. It's like the Fang Repeater and Breaker Bow combined into a melee version. To throw it, press and hold the left mouse button and release when the Flash occurs, like the breaker bow.

Continuing west, you will find the scroll called "Squirt Lure" It gives you a little cute but pretty durable, you can use it to draw enemies away from you.

We return to the start, where a few squirts will meet us. Next we go south.

On the way, you will get surrounded by a few Scumbags. But don't worry, because they are silly enough to jump off the surface and suicide.

Next, you meet a really big Scumbag. He isn't too different from the ones you met before, just bigger and a bit harder to kill.

We go back to the starting area and then we go east.

Here you will find your first forge.

The forge is really easy to use. Just press on one of the materials you have found and you can press on an upgrade you want.

For instance, the first 2 Breaker Bow upgrades are Target Penetration, which means that after you shoot, you will hit more targets after the first one. And the second one, is charge speed, which means that the "Flash" will appear faster when you're holding the right mouse buttons. Upgrades which appear in a row are mutually exclusive, but you can always change your upgrade for free if you spent your money once.

In the middle of the map, "Something Sharp" should have appeared, which is a crafting component for the War Machette.

Finally, we will go north.

Turrets and Gasfellas will greet you, shouldn't be hard taking care of them.

Over here, between a bunch of potions, you will find a Ragged Hood, which is a lore item.

Continuing north, we will find the core, but be careful, because when you go next to the cage, a boos will appear.

I recommend using squirt lure 3 times around the cage first.

7 gasfellas will surround you, while a really big one will start attacking you. Do not try to escape, or all of them will attack you. Try to kill the one in the middle, which should be really easy with the squirts assisting you.

After defeating the big one, the rest will become friendly and leave you alone.

The cage will go up, allowing you to pick up the core.

This time though, the place will not fall apart like the last mission.

Go back to the start and use the skyway to go back to the bastion.

You can use the core you just got on the momument...

...allowing you to create another building.