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Bastion Walkthrough The Bastion

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The next area you go into will be the place you will visit the whole game, it is the main area, called "The Bastion".

Here you will find an NPC.

He will give you lore information about the items you have found.

Remember the Core we took?

This is where we use it.

The blue circle represents that you are able to create a building there.

You can usually create building you have previously used.

I recommend creating the Distillery, because earlier we gained a level and a spirit slot, which means we can put another passive effect to aid us in the future.

I chose the Squirt Cider because of the nice chunk of maximum health it gives us.

The next thing to do is go north to the Skyway.

Here's the world map, all the missions are located here. Those represented with an icon of a weapon are usually challenges missions, and the others are mainly to get cores.