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Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough BlackGate Prison

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When the game starts Batman drops off at the Blackgate Prison, use the controls shown on the screen to move. Nagivate Batman inside the prison, duck under the wreckage and move forward. You will encounter a gangster beating up Warden Joseph. Use the appropriate button to counter the gangster's attack(Blue Sign Above Him).

Continue forward to the Cell Blocks, use the appropriate button to attack the prisoners and counter their attacks(When the blue sign appears above them).

After disabeling the prisoners, walk up to the last remaining prisoner and press the appropriate button to interrogate him.

Move forward, you will face another set of prisoners, disable them and move forward, follow the Flying Droid and when prompt use the Grapple Gun to climb in between the gap to move forward.

You will then face a tougher enemy, one which has a strong armor, to be able to disable him, use Cape Stun Attack using the appropriate button to stun him then attack him normally.

Moving forward you will encounter a Gate which opens using a button.Press the appropriate button to select the Batarang and throw it at the button.

The Gate will not fully open, you will need to run toward it and crouch to slide under it.(Using the appropriate buttons shown on the screen)

Follow the pathway and walk inside the Elevator Shaft, there take out your Explosive Gel and put it on the ground.

Then you will see an unreachable guard behind bars, look to your right.

Pull out the Batclaw, aim it at the Vent and use the appropriate button to pull it down(by pressing repeatedly)

Exit the vent on the other side and walk up to the broken wall, use the Explosive Gel to destroy it and knock out the guard on the other side.

You will then face a Gate with 2 buttons(similar to the prior one) press the Batarang Button quickly 2-3 times to fire Batarangs quickly to hit the buttons and open the gate.Go through the Gate and open the Vent on the wall like you did previously

After the cutscene, using the appropriate buttons shown on the screen jump towards the glass to break through it.

After defeating the prisoners follow the pathway until you reach the point where Killer Croc destroys the Flying Droid.

Look up and use the Grapple to pull yourself up on the platform.Use this method until you reach the top where you climb the stairs.