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Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough Gotham Police Department

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Leave the Batcave using the Batwing, and go to the waypoint(Gotham PD). Take out the guards and go inside.

Use the Explosive Gel to take down the wall and continue.

Following the pathway, you will face another Vent Takedown like before, take down the Officer and continue forward.

Go through the rooms, you will be encountered by Officers, take them down and continue forward, when you reach this location, use the Remote Claw to create a line and move forward, don't jump down because there are alot of enemies with weapons.

Hack the device to unlock the door.

When you reach the guards, hide behind the Boxes, and use the Remote Claw to either hit an officer with a Fire Extinguisher or hit one officer with another.

Go into the interrogation room, take down the officer from behind the glass and interrogate Loose Lips.

After defeating the cops in the other room, move forward, you will face another Predator Room, use the same technique like before to take out the officers and move on.

Hack the device like before to unlock the door and go inside.

You will face another lock device, but you can't hack this one easily because there is a jammer above it.

You will need to go to the basement, you will see a device to hack there, hack it move forward, defeat the police officers and continue through the prison cells.

Use the Explosive Gel again to destroy this wall.

Continue down the path, look up and use the Batclaw to create a line and climb on it, move through the vent and find the Disruptor then return to the jammed lock device.

To use the disruptor, aim at the jammer and press the appropriate button to disable it and then hack the lock device.

You will face a tougher enemy like before, use the cape stun to stun him and then attack him.

Continue forward to the Server Room, disable the jammer and hack the device then go in.

After talking to Barbara Gordon, you will have access to the Gotham PD files.

When you're about to leave, cops will storm in, all armed with guns, avoid them through the vent to escape.

After going in the elevator, you will be prompt with a cutscene and then you will need to drop a smoke pellet like before to escape the situation.