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Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough Finding BlackMask

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After receiving the message from Mat Hatter. Go to the waypoint, the main door will be locked, on the right side, there will be a broken down wall, use the Explosive Gel to destroy it and move forward.

Use the Distruptor to disable the jammer and then hack the device to unlock the door.

Use the techniques like before to beat this Predator Room.

Pull down the vent and climb through.

Use the Explosive Gel to take down the wall below you.

After the cutscene, another Predator Room awaits you, this time there is a jammer on one of the enemies, marked with a Red Sign while using the detective vision, find the enemy and take him out to remove the jammer.

Interrogate the last remaining enemy.

When you get out you will face the police, take them out and move on to the waypoint.

There will be many guards guarding the Waypoint, take them out then move forward.

Go through the door to continue.

Inside you will face another set of guards, you can make a surprise attack using the vents below, simply climb down and move near an enemy then take him down.

After disabeling the guards, find the computer in the upper floor and use it to download files from Black Mask's computer.

Moving forward you will face another Armored Enemy, use the cape stun 3 times to stun him then take him down using regular attacks.

Then move to the Crane's controls, and use it.

When the Crane stops, use the Batclaw to grab it and pull it backwards so it can smash the wall.

Climb up to the broken wall using the Grapple Gun.

You will face another crime scene, use the detective vision and scan the body.

Use the elevator to go up, take down the jammer on the enemy then take care of the rest of the Predator Room.

Find the vent below the door and go through.

Go inside the door to face Black Mask.

After the cutscene with Copper Head, scan the poison on the floor.

Next scan the poison near the first poison.

Then use the reverse and forward to skip through the crime scene and see where Copperhead jumped from, scan the poison she left there.

After talking to Alfred, move forward to get outside of the Warehouse. Moving forward Batman will hallucinate, first a talk he had with Alfred.

Then you will see Copperhead.

Moving forward you will be attacked by 3 Copperheads, they each have Sharp Fingers that are like blades, use the technique like before to evade each attack.

Then attack them.

After that you will face the real Copperhead, but she will have a few Copperheads on her side, so mind them too. Some of them might jump on you, the key is to repeatedly press the appropriate button to throw her off, also keep in mind to evade the Yellow Marked attacks, and counter the Blue Ones to damage Copperhead.

Later on, when you go 1 on 1 with Copperhead, watch out for the speed-dash attack, you need to dodge this attack by jump-rolling around.

When the fight is over, a drop container will fall from the sky launched by Alfred, walk up to the Container to get the antidote.

After that you will face Copperhead once more, after she stops talking just hit her once and the fight is over.