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Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough Lacey Towers

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After defeating Deathstroke, Batman will be equipped with the Bat Claw. Look up and use the Remote Claw to create a line between the to points, the use the Grapple Gun to climb onto it.Use the same technique at the gap you will encounter to get across and exit Pengiun's base.

You will then be prompt with a mission by Anarky, go to the waypoint, defeat the guards and disable the bomb(There is a time limit you need to be fast!)

Go to the waypoint(Lacey Towers) and steal the Card from the police on the roof, then enter the Tower.

You will need to investigate another Crime Scene there.

Using the techniques like before, investigate the crime scene using the detective vision.

Reverse and Forward the footage to find glues throughout the crime scene.

Then find the next clue.

And then the last one.

When you get out, you will be engaged by an enemy with a shield.To take him down, use the cape stun, then jump above him using the appropriate button to remove the shield from him and knock him out.

Use the Arial Attack to finish him.

When you reach the Batcave, go to the workstation and grab the Concussion Detonator.