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Battlefield 4 Walkthrough Chapter 3: South China Sea

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You will start off in a ship. Your first objective is to find Irish. Head down the hallway and make your way through the rest of the ship to the marked spot on the mini-map.

Once you've regrouped with Pac and Irish, make your way to Garrison

On your way to Garrison, you are going to see the Titan getting attacked by the enemies. Continue making your way to Garrison.

Garrison is going to order you and your crew to board on the damaged Titan before it sinks in the ocean.

Open the weapon crate and grab the gear you need and move on.

After grabbing everything you need from the weapon crate, follow your teammates outside and get on the boat and make your way to the Titan.

Once you've made your way inside the USS Titan, start looking for the G-46 hatch.

After successfully locating the G-46 hatch, follow your teammates and dive inside the water.

Make your way to the DCC through the flooded area of the ship.

Retrieve the voyage recorder.

After retrieving the recorder, fight your way through the control room and head to the topside of the ship.

Take out the rest of the enemies remaining on the top of the ship and make your way to the end of the ship.

After reaching one end of the ship, jump into the water and get on the boat and make your way back to the Valkyrie.

On your way back to Valkyrie, you are going to encounter a lot of enemy boats. Try to take out as many as possible in order to get more points.

Once you've made your way inside the ship, start taking out the enemy soldiers inside and make your way to the bridge.

On your way to the bridge you are going to come across a gadget stash. Grab an anti-air and an anti-armour rocket launcher.

Use the anti-air rocket launcher on the enemy helicopter outside the room. Once you've dealt with it, keep on making your way to the bridge.

While climbing the ladder up to the bridge, Kovic is going to get hit and fall off the ladder.

You will have to defend the ship from the incoming helicopters with enemies inside.

Once you're done defending the ship from the enemy attacks. You and your team are going to get back to Kovic who has been hurt badly after getting hit while climbing up the ladder. Right before he dies, he is going to hand Irish the voyage recorder and give you the lead.

After Kovic passes out, make your way up to the bridge and start looking for Garrison.

Once you've made your way up to the command room, Garrison is going to come out of his safe room.

The chapter is going to come to an end after finding Garrison.