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Battlefield 4 Walkthrough Chapter 1: Baku

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You will start the chapter under the water, stuck inside a car.

Dunn is going to hand you his pistol and will ask you to shoot out the window.

Press Left Mouse Button to shoot the window.

After shooting out the car's windshield, the game is going to skip backwards and show you what has happened 13 minutes before ending up with the car in the water.

You will start off in a flooded school building. Make your way to the safe house.

Once you've reached the safe house, you are going to regroup with your teammates.

Get to the weapon crate and grab some ammo and head to the open window.

After grabbing some ammo, start defending Irish from the enemy soldiers approaching his position.

Follow your squad through the door that will lead to a courtyard.

Take out the enemies inside the courtyard and keep on moving.

You will come across a dead-end. Grab some C4 explosives, place them on the wall and detonate them.

Get out of the school building and follow your squad to the extraction point.

On your way to the extraction point, you might encounter a few enemies. Take them out and make your way to the factory roof.

Once the factory's entrance is secured, follow your squad inside the factory and locate the elevator leading to the roof.

On your way to the factory's roof, you are going to get attacked by an enemy helicopter.

The enemy helicopter's going to destroy the elevator. Follow your squad to the rooftop and avoid taking fire from the enemy helicopter.

After making your way on the factory roof, start sprinting to the friendly helicopter.

Unfortunately, the factory's going to collapse and you are going to fall off the building.

After getting up from all the rubble you've been buried in, help Dunn by amputating his leg off in order to save his life.

Get inside the car and make your way to the second extraction point.

On your way to the second extraction point, the helicopter is going to knock you out of the car. Irish is going to give you a grenade launcher, use it to destroy the enemy helicopter.

The helicopter is going to crash right in front of your car, making you lose control and fall into the water.

You are going to continue from where you left of at the beginning of the chapter after escaping the vehicle. Start making your way to the surface and the chapter will end shortly after.