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Battlefield 4 Walkthrough Chapter 4: Singapore

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You will start the chapter off on the Valkyrie ship. Your main objective is to make it to the Airfield.

After getting on the boat, start heading towards the waypoint marked on the map.

The waypoint will lead you on a beach. After getting off the boat start taking out the enemies on the beach and keep on following your teammates.

Follow the friendly tank through the streets and try to use it as cover behind it when you are hurt.

After reaching a barricade, you will have to enter inside the tank and follow the other two friendly tanks through the city.

As you make your way through the city, you are going to encounter some enemy tanks. Use your missile launcher to take them down.

At some point you are going to come across a bar. Take out the enemy soldiers, jump inside through the broken window and exit the bar on the other side.

Follow your teammates on the bridge and make your way around the abandoned cars.

Right at the end of the bridge, you are going to get pinned by a car to one side of the bridge.

Shortly after, a huge ship will crash into the bridge; destroying it. You are your team are going to fall in the water.

After falling into the water, swim all the way up to the surface, where Pac is going to help you get out of the water.

Make your way along the coast.

Take out the two guards and head inside the sewer.

Make your way to the other end of the sewers and climb up the ladder.

After climbing up the ladder, you are going to reach the first hangar. Take out the enemy soldiers inside and make your way to the second hangar.

Once you've reached the second hangar, take out the remaining enemies and make your way to the exit.

On your way to the exit, more enemies are going to make their appearance. Take them out and exit the hangar.

After exiting the hangar, get on the vehicle.

You'll be able to control the mounted machine gun. Use it to take out all the incoming enemies.

Hannah is going to lose control of the vehicle and crash.

Shortly after regaining consciousness, Hannah will make her appearance along with some enemy soldiers. It turns out that she betrayed you and your teammates. The chapter will come to an end when the cutscene's over.