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Battlefield 4 Walkthrough Chapter 2: Shanghai

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You will start off in a vehicle on your way to rescue the VIPs located inside a hotel.

After exiting the car, follow your squad through the alleys and reach the hotel.

Once you've reached the hotel, locate the elevator and make your way to the VIPs.

Pac is going to give you a weapon after entering the elevator. Press 'E' to pick it up.

On your way to the VIP lounge, you are going to encounter a few enemies. Take them out and keep on moving.

After taking out all the enemies inside the room, you and Pac are going to come across a locked door. An enemy helicopter will spot you shortly after, sending enemy soldiers to attack you.

More enemies will start jumping inside the Hotel through the window. Grab some claymore mines from one of the crates found inside and start placing them around the room to prevent the enemy soldiers from approaching you too much.

Pac will finally unlock the door shortly after taking out all the enemies. Follow him on the top floor and reach the VIPs.

Once you've finally made it to the VIPs, Kovic will order you to get on the hotel's rooftop and secure the helicopter.

When the cutscene comes to an end, follow your squad up on the Hotel's rooftop.

Take out the enemies on the rooftop and secure the helicopter.

After making it to the helicopter, more enemies will start attacking you. However, Kovic will get away with the two VIPs leaving you and your squad alone against the incoming enemy soldiers.

Take out the rest of the enemy soldiers on the rooftop and make your way down to the ground level.

Once you've made it down in the Hotel's courtyard, start heading towards the Waterfront to the extraction team.

You are going to encounter a tank on the alleyways where you started the level off,

The tank will start following you through the alleys, try keeping up with your teammates and avoid staying in the same place for too long.

Once you've reached the end of the alleys, the tank will stop following you and some civilians will let you inside the building.

Make your way through the building and find the nearest explosives supply cache.

The best way to deal with the two tanks patrolling on the streets is by using C4 explosive charges (two C4 charges are enough to destroy a tank).

After destroying both tanks, get on the boat.

A short cutscene will start playing after getting on the boat, showing an enemy EMP blast on the entire city. The chapter is going to end afterwards.