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Battlefield 4 Walkthrough Chapter 6: Tashgar

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At the beginning of the mission the game will skip forward and show you what has happened two days later after the tram crashing into the mountains.

You will start off in a car with Irish and Hannah on your way to the US soldiers hideout.

After reaching the hideout, you will have to make your way to the Old Town, where the rest of the US soldiers are.

You will have to fight your way through the flooded village in order to make your way to the Old Town.

Once you've reached the Old Town, follow your teammates through it and make your way to Major Greenland.

Major Greenland is going to provide a vehicle and the explosives needed to destroy the dam captured by the enemy soldiers.

When the cutscene's over, exit the room and head inside the military truck.

Your teammates are going to stop in the forest near the dam. Make your way to the military compound down the hill.

Once you've reached the compound, fight your way through it and make your way to the dam.

After dealing with all the enemy soldiers inside the compound, make your way to the elevator.

After making your way down, take out all the enemies in the narrow tunnel.

Place the bomb at the end of the tunnel and make your way outside.

Take out all the enemies on the scaffold and make your way to the end of it.

After reaching the end of the scaffold, detonate the explosive charges and blow up the dam.

The explosion will destroy the scaffold you were sitting on, making you and your teammates to fall into the water.

After getting out of the water, follow your teammates to the friendly helicopter.

Major Greenland is going to provide you the transport to the USS Valkyrie and the mission will come to an end afterwards.