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Battlefield 4 Walkthrough Chapter 5: Kunlun Mountains

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You will start off with a cutscene showing Bohai interrogating you inside a dark room.

After passing out, you are going to wake up in a cell room. Dima will hand you a shank, press 'E' to grab it.

Follow Dima through the hole he made in the wall and start climbing up the pipes.

Dima will notice a enemy below you. Wait for Dima to drop down first, take out the guard and then jump off the pipes and keep on moving.

You will come across a cell block right next to the control tower. Silently take out the guards using the shank Dima gave you and stay out of the spotlights' range to avoid getting detected.

Once you've made your way up to the control tower, press 'E' to open all the gates.

Opening the gates will trigger an alarm that is going to alert the guards. Take out all the incoming guards and keep on following Dima.

On your way to the exit, you will come across Irish who's fighting an enemy guard. Help him out by shooting the enemy guard.

Take out the rest of the enemies in the hallway and make your way to the elevator at the end of it.

Once you've made your way to the loading area, take out all the enemy soldiers and head to the exit.

More enemies will make their appearence inside the loading area and close the gate behind them, blocking your exit. Take them out and follow Dima inside the control room.

Once you're inside the control room, Dima will try to open the gates. While he's attempting to unlock the doors, you will have to protect him from the last wave of enemies.

Dima will manage to half-open the gate, shortly after you've taken care of the last enemy.

You are going to get knocked off the ground by Bohai, right after getting past the gate, his men will capture you and your teammates afterwards.

However, Hannah is going to shot the other enemy soldiers and help you escape.

After getting rescued by Hannah, help Dima get the door get open and head outside.

Once you've made it outside in the mountains, follow your teammates down the snow path and make your way to the tram.

While crossing the bridge, you are going to encounter an enemy vehicle and a few soldiers. Use your grenade launcher to blow the vehicle up and take out the soldiers using the other guns.

On your way up the hill to the tram, you are going to encounter more enemy soldiers wielding grenade launchers. Try to take cover from them as much as possible and take them out one by one and keep on making your way to the tram.

Enter inside the tram.

An enemy helicopter will make its appearance after entering the tram.

The helicopter will start shooting at the tram, causing it to fall off the cable. The mission will come to an end after crashing down in the mountains.