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Bionic Commando Rearmed Walkthrough Area 00 - The FSA Headquarters

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Welcome to our Bionic Commando Rearmed walkthrough. This walkthrough is on the default Medium difficulty level.

The game starts by giving your mission objectives.

Choose Area 00 on your map.

Run rightward when entering the level.

You'll come to a door. Press up to enter it.

Walk into the middle of the room to enter a tutorial stage.

These tutorials will help you learn to grapple and swing. I recommend going through all the basic and advanced tutorials if you are unfamiliar with the controls.

When you are done with the tutorials, scale the buildings with your grapple. In the upper-right area you'll find another door. Enter the door.

Here is a weapon upgrade. You'll notice you can only shoot two projectiles at a time.

After grabbing the upgrade you can shoot three projectiles at a time.

If you want a secret (Friendly Fire for Co-Op mode), climb on the roof above the weapon door.

Walk off the left side and grapple to the right to grab on to the ledge.

Swing left and grab the platform here.

Immediately grapple upward to the upper platform. It'll probably take you a few tries.

You'll want to stand on the bottom platform and then grapple diagonally onto the top platform to swing rightward.

Grab the floor below the secret door. Climb up and enter the door.

There are mechanical levers at the top. You have to grapple onto them and pull them downward with your weight. You need to bring a second person into the game in order to do them both at the same time. A large FF will fall to the ground, this turns on Friendly Fire.

Shots now hurt other players.

Exit the map by walking to the left or right edge of the map. You can also call for extraction from the start menu.

Once you've collected the twelve Yashichis within the game. Come back to Area 00 and this door will open.

Inside you'll find the BC Purple Matrix, which is an unlock for the new Bionic Commando game.