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Bionic Commando Rearmed Walkthrough Area 05 - The Construction Site

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Descend into area 05, The Construction Site.

Walk as far right as possible. You should come to a concrete block. There is a secret past this block.

Walk left a bit and climb the platforms, working your way to the upper-right until you find the building with a hardhat on it. Get on top of this building.

Get on the platform above the roof of the building. Grab the barrel on the right and throw it.

Drop off the right edge of the platform and turn around and grab it. You should be swinging. Swing to the right.

You should land on or after the concrete block. Continue right.

You'll find a Yashichi on top of the building here.

Grapple the lamp and swing left.

Grab the platform and climb up.

Drop down the left edge of the platform, then turn around and grapple it. Swing left off of it.

You should land on or after the concrete block, allowing you to get back to where you started.

Climb up the platforms. You'll reach a platform that has four lamps and a concrete block on it. To continue upward, grapple a lamp straight upward and quickly grapple upward again.

You should latch onto the platform above.

Get on the left building on this platform. Go to the left edge of the roof and swing leftward.

Grab the small platform as you're falling. Climb up and get the extra life.

Continue up the platforms. You'll need to grapple upward on this lamp.

Then grapple the roof to the upper-left of it.

Continue upward until you find the first communications room. Enter it and talk to HQ.

Continue upward. You'll come across some Droid Sprinkler Cannons. These are easy enough to destroy or avoid.

Soon you'll come to some Propeller Droids. These droids move around, making them tough to avoid. Duck under their energy beam.

You can use your grapple to knock them down lower.

Once you get them lower, shoot them with your weapon.

Keep climbing upward. There is another lamp you'll need to grapple up on.

From the lamp, grapple the roof to the upper-left.

A short ways upward, you'll find a closed door near some sandbags and two barrels. This is a secret room. We need to climb to the very top to open it.

Climb upward, past the second communications room. When you get to these platforms, there are some that push you up and left or right automatically when you step on them. Be ready to grab the next platform.

At the top of the tower you'll see a blue switch. Fall off the right edge and turn around and hit the switch with your grapple. It should turn off.

Go back down to the secret room that was locked. It should now be open.

Inside you'll find Secret Challenge 5.

Climb back upward and enter the second communications room. Talk to HQ and continue upward.

Enter the boss room at the top.

This is the third boss, Siege Machine.

The treads have a glowing red spot on them. Try to use your grenades to damage them. Watch out for the bombs the boss throws at you.

After a few hits, the tread will be destroyed.

The boss should charge you, if not you might have to get a bit closer. Run back to the platforms before you get hit.

Get on the upper platform and use your grapple to remove a bolt from the boss.

The boss will then back up and continue firing at you. Watch out for cannon balls along with bombs.

Take out the second bolt when you can.

Then take out the third bolt. You'll need to duck when grappling this one.

Now the driver will be exposed. Shoot him, while dodging his weapons.

Once you defeat the driver, the boss will explode.

Area Clear! You obtain a Bazooka.

Haley will explain that the Bazooka is needed in area 06 to get past the outer wall.