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Bionic Commando Rearmed Walkthrough Area 06 - The Docks

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Descend into area 6, The Docks.

Use your Bazooka to destroy the wall.

Grapple onto the lamps. Wait to swing until the spiked ball is out of the way.

Continue swinging rightward using the lamps. Destroy the Mini Tank Droids as you go.

The platform after the last lamp has a fan that'll blow you upward.

Use your grapple to latch onto the platform above you.

Go up a small ways and then swing leftward to some blue platforms.

Fall off the left side of this platform, then turn around and grapple it. Swing left.

Grab the next blue platform on your left.

Get the Extra Life on top, then go back and continue scaling the building upward.

Take out the enemies that throw the exploding droids.

Go to the top of the building. There will be a purple crate in your way on the right. Use your grapple on the lamp to get over it. Then walk off the right edge of the platform.

Grab the lamp with your grapple and swing right.

Immediately grapple upward and get on the platform above.

Quickly shoot the enemy before too many droids attack.

There is a secret above this lamp. It's very tough to get, especially since you can't easily get back up here if you fail (unless you play using Co-Op and one player stays on the purple crate.) Grapple the right side of the lamp.

Pull yourself up and then face right.

Press up to climb on top of the lamp. Quickly grapple to the next lamp on your upper-right. You want to grapple the right side of this lamp as well, which is tricky. Pull yourself up and face right.

If you don't grapple the right side, you can climb the lamp and then as you're falling hope to grapple it again. Another way is to press down and immediately grapple afterward.

Climb on top of the second lamp and grapple the third lamp.

Swing leftward off the lamp. Grapple up to the platform above.

On top of the platform you'll find a Yashichi.

If you fail to get up to the secret, you can attempt to swing under the platform to the left.

Continue swinging left.

Grab the lamp.

Climb the lamp and grab onto the blue platform. Now you can attempt the secret again.

After you get the secret, or want to continue on, grapple rightward along the lamps.

Swing off the far-right lamp.

You should land on a platform with a Communications Room on it. Enter the room.

Talk to HQ and then exit using the door on the right side.

Grapple the lamp and swing right.

Catch yourself on the platform and climb up.

Then swing right by grappling the lamp.

Catch the white see-through blocks.

Climb upward.

When you can no longer go up, go rightward. You should pass a closed door. Swing over the purple crate that blocks your path.

Walk off the right side of the platform, then turn around and grab on. You'll want to be latched just to the left of the right light.

Fall down and you'll land at a door.

Destroy the Mini Tank Droids inside the room.

Climb up the platform. Switch to your Plasma Rifle and grapple the roof.

Shoot the blue switch on the wall as you pull yourself up.

The switch should turn off.

Now do this to the switch on the right side of the room as well.

A door will open at the bottom of the screen.

Inside the door you'll find an upgrade to your Plasma Rifle.

Exit the room using the right door.

You'll exit out the door you passed earlier. Climb up where the blue barrels are falling.

Use the fan to blow you up to the left. Continue left. The barrels won't hurt you, just knock you around.

When you come to a fan above you, grapple it and climb up.

Destroy the Barrel Droid.

Go right.

Grapple the platform above, to the right of the fan you find.

Go left and kill the Barrel Droid you find there.

Grapple up to the platform on your upper-left. Careful not to get knocked down by barrels.

Get on the platform, but avoid the fan. Grapple to your upper-right and swing right, avoiding the barrels.

Go rightward. On the right side of the building you'll see two fans above you with a platform between them. Grapple to the platform between the fans and go left.

Destroy the last Barrel Droid.

Enter the Boss Room.

This boss will look familiar. You found one nearly identical in Area 01. This is the D-1 Beetle v2.

Grapple up to the platform that the D-1 Beetle is hovering over. Now the D-1 Beetle will shoot rockets, which will destroy any barrel you are carrying.

Grab a barrel from the left side of the screen.

Carry the barrel over to the D-1 Beetle and throw it.

If you hit the D-1 Beetle, it will fall to the ground and expose it's back to you. Use your Bazooka to destroy it quickly. You should be able to destroy it before it can get back up.

Area Clear! You have obtained the Power Claw.

Haley explains that the Power Claw will let you grab onto enemies and use them as shields. She also tells you that it is needed in Area 03.