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Bionic Commando Rearmed Walkthrough Area 08 - The Hi-Tech Fortress

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Descend into Area 08, The Hi-Tech Fortress

Enter the building on your right.

Climb up a few platforms

Swing to your right.

Climb up and kill the Heavy Weapons Soldier and any other enemies in your way.

Swing rightward on the right corner of the roof.

Grapple upward to the upper-right roof (there is a light on it.) Pull yourself up and then use your shotgun to start swinging again.

Swing left and grapple upward to latch onto the roof above.

Pull yourself up and use the shotgun again for momentum. If you are close to the wall it might knock you down. Swing right, toward the door.

Enter the door.

You'll find a Shotgun Upgrade here. Exit and fall back down.

Go left a bit and then continue climbing upward.

Enter the door found on the right side of the room.

Get on the elevator and go upward.

Enter the door in the top left corner.

Climb up onto the platform above.

Continue climbing up and to your right. You'll find a Communications Room.

Enter the Communications Room and talk to HQ.

Climb to your upper-right.

Get the extra life in the upper-right corner.

Go back toward the Communications Room and now head to your upper-left.

Enter the door found here.

Get on the moving platform and grapple to the middle of the center platform. Climb up quickly or your grapple will let go.

Destroy the enemies and grapple to your upper-left.

Continue grappling up.

Enter the Communications Room and talk to HQ.

Get on the platform to the upper-right of the Communications Room. Swing leftward off the left corner of the roof.

Grapple upward to grab onto a platform.

Pull yourself up and get the Yashichi.

Enter the door to the upper-left of the Communications Room.

Take the elevator down and enter the room below.

You'll go through a hall full of enemies. The Bazooka works nice here.

Enter the room at the far right of the hall.

You'll reach your next boss, the 2nd Platoon.

Climb up onto the yellow platform above you.

Duck and shoot any enemies on the platform to your right (besides the main boss.)

Swing over to the right platform.

Throw a grenade at the boss to kill him.

Normally, I believe you would drop down and finish off his men. I swung up and to the right and it said I defeated everyone. Perhaps once the sub-enemies are off-screen they no longer need to be defeated?

Area Clear. You obtained the Shin Guards.

Haley tells you that the Shin Guards will let you take a few extra hits.