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Bionic Commando Rearmed Walkthrough Area 09 - The Waste Disposal Facility

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Descend into Area 09, The Waste Disposal Facility.

Enter the building on your right.

Equip your Shotgun to make easy work of these Cable Backpack Soldiers. Walk to your right and fall down the pit.

As you're falling, grapple to get into the tunnel on your left. If you miss you can call for extraction and try again.

Take out the enemies and fall down the pit on your left.

You'll find a secret door here, which is still locked. Use your claw to pull the bolt out of the door on your right.

Continue right. Once you reach a spike pit, climb the platforms upward.

Defeat the enemies and swing over the block. You can fall down the pit and get the extra life if you want. If you do, all you have to do is climb back up a few platforms to get back here.

When the fan blows you upward, grapple the platform above you.

Continue upward. You'll reach a Communications Room. Enter the room and talk to HQ.

There are five blue switches. Shoot each one to turn them off.

Climb onto the conveyor belt. There are two sets of spikes that rotate around each conveyor. Watch the pattern to avoid touching them. As you climb higher, the conveyors spin faster.

Continue to climb upward and shoot each switch as you go.

After you hit all the switches, fall back down between the conveyor belts. Don't go too far right, or you might fall into molten metal.

It might be helpful to grab the bottom of the conveyor as you fall. Then time your fall when a spike won't hit you.

Stand on the platform where you climbed up. It will now retract off and on.

Take out the enemies as you go down.

Once you reach the bottom, head left. Destroy enemies in your path.

Enter the secret door, which is now open.

You'll find a Yashichi inside. Grab it and then head back to the conveyor belts.

Climb the conveyor belts to the upper-right.

Once you are past the conveyor belts, swing across the gap to the platform on your right. Walk off the right side of the platform.

You'll fall onto another conveyor belt. Let it take you rightward, then grapple onto the platforms above you.

Climb upward.

You'll find the Boss Room at the top. Enter it.

Pull the bolt out of the wall.

Walk to the right and drop down.

Continue to the right. You'll find the next boss, the Siege Machine v2.

Like the first time you fought this boss, use grenades to take out the treads.

When the boss charges you, hug the left wall to keep from being ran over. The boss will break down the wall.

The boss will fire more powerful grenades at you than the first time. Avoid them the best you can. He'll also fire cannon balls like the first battle.

Try to get somewhat close to lure him forward. When you see the white smoke on the tires, you know he's getting ready to charge. Run left as soon as you see it.

The boss will destroy some of the platforms as he charges, so make sure you run far enough left. After the machine stalls, pull a bolt out with your grapple.

The boss will be knocked back.

Repeat until you can pull the second bolt.

Then finally the third bolt.

Now the driver is revealed. A few shots from your Bazooka will kill him.

As soon as you kill him, run left. He'll charge one last time.

Area Clear! You now have the Vector Cannon.

Haley will explain that the Vector Cannon can bounce shots around to reach things you couldn't before. She also mentions it will help you with a closed door in Area 07.