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Bionic Commando Rearmed Walkthrough Area 01 - The Oil Refinery

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Select Area 01 From the overview map.

Climb up the ledges, defeating enemies along the way.

Enter the door at the top of the building.

Access the terminal.

Choose to Contact HQ.

HQ will unlock a door for you. They will also disable the security in this facility, allowing you to hack the computer with no consequences for failure.

After talking to HQ, choose to hack the enemy network. Your goal is to get the yellow ball into the green cube. To do this, you rotate the camera until you can find a place that the ball could land if it fell from your viewpoint. Keep having it fall onto other blocks until you can land it in the green cube.

Hacking is optional, but it gives you enemy information that may be useful.

After hacking the enemy network, you'll receive some goodies to pick up. Collect them and exit the room.

Drop down to the right two times and you'll come to a red lamp post. Use your grapple to swing across to the other side.

Climb up the building here as well. Here you'll have to grapple past the concrete block, lift yourself up, and defeat the enemy.

To get the first secret of the area, grapple the right side of the ledge above (you may want to climb up and go in and back out of the door above to use that as a continue point.) Swing off the ledge to the right.

As you're falling grab the bottom lamp.

Continue to swing across the next two lamps.

Grab this ledge and pull yourself up.

Climb upward.

Grab the Yashichi. Head back to the left where you swung over. If you die you'll still keep the secret item.

At the top of this building, enter the doorway that HQ unlocked for you.

Take the elevator downward.

Destroy the battery powered barrier and then walk right.

Duck and use your grapple on the cement block. Then use the grapple button to pull yourself toward the block.

Swing over the gap to get an extra life.

Fall down the gap and walk rightward to get back to the elevator.

Go up the elevator.

As you're going up the elevator, keep a lookout on the right for a communications room. Enter the room and talk to HQ.

Exit the communications room and head left, past the elevator. Kill the enemy here.

Grapple the roof and pull yourself up. Shoot the battery powered barrier to shut off the electric wall.

Climb upward a short ways.

Travel left, taking out the enemies in your path.

An enemy with a rocket launcher will be hiding behind a cement block. Shoot him, avoiding his shots as best as possible.

Destroy the electric wall.

Enter the doorway.

You have entered the first boss chamber. This is the D-1 Beetle. Grapple the platform support to swing high enough to grapple to the main platform.

Grab a barrel with your grapple.

Throw the barrel at the underside of the D-1 Beetle.

If successful, it'll fall to the ground and expose it's backside. Shoot it as much as you can.

Now the D-1 Beetle will move it's protective plate to the bottom, exposing the top of it. Swing up to the upper platform.

Grab the barrel here. The barrel will block any shots from the D-1 Beetle.

Throw the barrel at the top of the D-1 Beetle.

If successful, it will once again fall to the ground. You should be able to finish it off this time.

Area Clear! You now have grenades!

You can come back to this level to obtain the second secret. Go to the far left side of the cave area (below the door to the boss' chamber. You'll find a heavy weapons soldier. Defeat him.

Use the grenades on the wall behind him.

Enter the revealed doorway.

This unlocks Secret Challenge Room 1